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Thursday, May 20, 2010

8 Week follow up

So today was my 8 week follow up appointment with my doctor. He said everything looked good and we have a game plan for next time.

So I had my follow up today and this is what the doctor said. A month prior to TTC I should come back and get cultures done and other test. Check the cervix for anything, make sure nothings in there, oh and he told us to wait 6 months! We have four left. Then when we do get pregnant again they will be doing more ultrasounds, cultures and blood work, monitor me a whole lot more. Also said around or between 18-20 weeks check for incomplete cervix or weak cervix. He said it could have been what caused the loss but doesn't know for sure because I had no signs or anything in my history to cause this. If that's the case or anything slightly looks like ICC they will put something in place after 19 weeks. And also said we will deliver at 36 weeks. I hope this helps. Also he does not recommend any BC because it will mess up the cycle and throw everything off.

Some of the girls on the board have told me that the cervix should be checked soon and so I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow.

To my dearest sweet Angel Farrah,

Mommy thinks about you everyday, all day, all the time. I love you so much and miss you whole bunches. Daddy misses you too!!! We are not giving up hope and have been doing a lot better. Today mommy went and got a mani, pedi and eyebrow wax done and thought of you the whole time. I even got pink french tips because I know that would be your favorite color just like mine. I think it is because I know you would be coming. I hope your watching over your grandpa, he needs his little angel with him while he's overseas. I can never tell you how much I LOVE you, I MISS you and think about you. You are truly a gift from God in my heart. It does hurt that your not here and I've come to terms with that (kind of) but I will hold you so close to my heart for ever!

Mommy's love forever!!!!

P.S. Please be my strength for 5/25/2010, Daddy and I really need you to hold us together.

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  1. Its nice to have a game plan, I will be praying for you and your family in your attempts at TTC as well as for a safe delivery when you do conceive :)

    I'm glad that you pampered yourself today. I love the pink tips idea :) thank you for sharing, I bet they turned out so great!